Since it’s an outbreak, Covid-19 has posed huge challenges to diverse business sectors worldwide but lately, companies are planning to bring their workforce back on site and imposed several guidelines to protect the health and hygiene of their workplace. Although the spread of Coronavirus remains a threat for everyone, thus, necessary precautions should be taken to keep high-traffic areas such as office kitchen Covid-safe. This blog will shed light on a few tips that would help you keep the office kitchen disinfected and sanitised during this ongoing pandemic.

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Install Hand Sanitiser Machine at the Entry & Exit of Kitchen

The office kitchen is a high traffic area and should be disinfected and sanitised thoroughly by professional office cleaning services in Adelaide for improved safety. To mitigate the risk of contamination, you must set up a sanitising station at the entry and exit points of the kitchen. This will ensure your employee’s hands are clean whenever they will enter the premises and the kitchen surfaces are Covid-safe post their exit.

Opt for Weekly Filter Change

Before your staff starts using drinking water facilities, you must ensure the area is clean and the water purifier is thoroughly sanitised. If you haven’t replaced your water filter for about a month, you should make it a practice to opt for filter change every week to keep the hygiene of your workplace kitchen intact. 

Limit the Capacity of Staff

Depending upon the size and layout of your office kitchen, you must limit the access of staff using the area. While the risk of contamination between employees and sharing surfaces is significantly less in larger areas, the threat is always double for cramped spaces. Thus, set a specific capacity limit to alleviate the risk of contamination.

Impose Strict Precautionary Measures

Workplace hygiene should be at the top of your priority list and your staff should know exactly how to use communal kitchen safely during the pandemic. Some common rules include:

  • Washing hands thoroughly before and after using the kitchen and hand washing instructions should be displayed by the sink.
  • Providing employees with good quality anti-bacterial soap or liquid dispensers.
  • Wearing a mask when using the kitchen to prevent the spread of airborne particles and restrict coughs and sneezes from settling on the surface.
  • Wiping down surfaces and kitchen equipment using an anti-bacterial spray or disposable wipes before and after use. 

Scheduling Deep Cleaning at Frequent Intervals

Enhancing your kitchen safety can reduce the risk of deadly germs, bacteria and viruses and keep your workplace Covid-safe. You may choose to arrange an additional cleaning session at peak hours such as lunchtime or breakfast to keep the premises disinfected and sanitised. For improved safety, you may also ask the experts offering commercial cleaning services in Adelaide to schedule a more rigorous cleaning regimen for your workplace kitchen.

By following the above tips, you can make your office kitchen a germ-free haven and mitigate the risk of cross-contamination among employees to a great extent. 

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