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It’s no wonder that a well-decorated carpet adds to the interior aesthetics and makes the space welcoming for guests but what if your carpet harbours spooky little critters, bugs, bacteria and allergens? Perhaps the last thing you would expect is to share your home with dust mites! It’s no secret that carpet fabrics are prone to trapping dirt and dust particles quickly and regular vacuuming is often not sufficient to eliminate them. Bacteria, microbes and germs find their favourite breeding ground inside the intricate weavings and failing to resort to advanced carpet cleaning treatments compel them to multiply, thereby make your home a potential germ-hotspot.

Let’s take a close look at some common invaders that may be lurking inside your carpet which vacuuming can’t eliminate.

Mould, Bacteria & Pollens

Mould and mildews love to reside on moist, damp surfaces and if you leave your carpet overly wet post DIY carpet cleaning, it will take days for the fibres to dry and lead to the formation of mildews. Moulds, if unrecognised for long can ruin the mushy feel and lustre of the fabrics and leave you with no other alternative than to opt for a brand new carpet replacement. Also, if accidental spills are not mopped and dried quickly, it may cause the liquid to seep through the fibres and deep into the padding and encourage the formation of mould underneath your carpet which usually goes unnoticed.

Microbes & Insects

Carpet fabrics are prone to attract microscopic organisms such as dust mites, bed bugs and fleas and a telltale sign that will indicate your carpet has fleas lurking in it is when you come across skin irritations on your legs and feet. Besides looking unsightly, these pesky bugs are detrimental to health and give recurring troubles of rashes, allergies and redness if not cleaned by professionals offering cleaning services in Adelaide. Unfortunately, these spooky bugs are not always visible to the common eye as they hide inside the intricate weavings and even if you perform regular vacuuming to keep your carpet in top shape, you might fail to remove them successfully.

Pet Dander & Hair

Pets love to play on carpet and it’s likely for them to shed hair and dander frequently. These microscopic organisms such as fleas, dust mites love to feed on dander spores as they prove to be a great source of food. Whereas vacuuming can eliminate dirt from the topmost layer of the fabrics, it isn’t enough to treat the heavily infested carpet and control pet hair. Hence, carpet steam cleaning by professionals is a highly recommended choice as it not only flushes out fleas, insects and bugs from deep inside the fabrics but freshens up the fabrics and restore your carpet to its former glory in no time.

So what’s the best solution to tackle this problem?

The answer is none other than professional carpet cleaning services in Adelaide using hot water extraction. At Adelaide Commercial Cleaning Services, we understand how risky it is to deal with a germ-infested carpet and hence, resort to advanced treatments to prevent their occurrence. Our heavy-duty truck-mounted equipment propels water at a standard force into your carpet and flushes out dirt, allergens and mould spores, leaving your carpet pristine clean and spotless. If you want to restore the former glory of your carpet at a pocket-friendly price, speak to our consultants today and book an appointment at the lowest quote!

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