A grimy mirror demeans the overall aesthetics of your leased apartment and can infuriate your landlord during the end of lease inspection. Regular exposure to stains, dust, watermarks and smudges ruin the lustre and make your mirror look unsightly. Dealing with streaky marks, smudges on glasses is not just frustrating but triggers high risk of financial loss. Thus, keeping the mirror in top shape should be your priority to impress property owners during their first visit. 

Why is Mirror Cleaning a Must Before Move-Out?

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a dirty mirror. Smudges and watermarks on the mirror can make your rental apartment look unkempt and cluttered. Thus, before scheduling the end of lease inspection, it’s important to keep your mirror in a pristine state to uphold the beauty of the premises in front of your landlord and secure 100% bond refund without breaking a sweat.

To make mirror cleaning less chaotic, here are some easy hacks you can follow.

  • Wipe off your mirror immediately after taking a shower
  • Use newspapers to clear off dust from mirrors.
  • Avoid using toxic chemicals for preserving the shine.
  • Use a soft and mild cloth to keep the mirror pristine clean and sparkling.

Quick Guidelines to Make Mirror Cleaning a Breeze

The secret of getting a streak-free mirror is equipping yourself with the right tools and materials before cleaning. However, if you lack time to arrange them alone, you may delegate the task to professionals offering bond cleaning services in Adelaide who can make mirror cleaning a breeze. 

Tools You Need

  • Clean and dry cloth
  • Cotton pad
  • Rubbing alcohol

Cleaning Steps

  • Begin by identifying the affected areas and start treating the hard stains. Sticky stains, smudges, grime should be deep cleaned thoroughly during end of lease cleaning services in Adelaide and for that, all you need to do is drizzle a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and start wiping off the hard spots.
  • Spray in small quantities and try not to overdo as overusing may result in dripping which can further make cleaning chaotic and messy.
  • Once you spray a mist on your mirror, take a clean and dry microfiber cloth and unfold it in two halves. This will expedite your job and help you remove stains and spots quickly. 
  • Start cleaning from an edge and wipe back and forth in a circular motion until you get the lint-free shine.
  • At last, check your mirror if there is any streak or smudge left unattended to be cleaned. 

Following the above tips can make mirror cleaning less arduous and time-taking before move-out and help you secure full refund of your security deposit money. 

At Adelaide Commercial Cleaning Services, we offer meticulous end of lease cleaning services in Adelaide using state-of-the-art tools and equipment and make your move a pleasing experience. Our skilled pro’s use premium equipment that scrapes off dirt from hard-to-reach areas and makes your apartment inspection-ready. If you are approaching your move-out date, give us a call and get a 100% bond refund guarantee!

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