Commercial and office cleaning is much more intricate than domestic cleaning, for obvious reasons. Thus, while conducting cleaning operations, the professionals ensure that they come up with the best results, which will help their clients make the most of their investment. While carrying out the cleaning, the experts offering cleaning services in Adelaide like anywhere else would stick to certain hygiene and safety principles for the best results. 

Steps related to Hygiene

While carrying out the cleaning, the experts would maintain personal hygiene and follow the set rules and regulations to ensure cleanliness and safety. 

  • They would maintain hygiene of their equipment, washing, rinsing and drying the equipment comprehensively after each use. 
  • When it comes to maintaining the workplace hygiene, the pantry is kept clean – always. 
  • Dusters that the experts offering commercial cleaning service in Adelaide would use colour coded dusters to segregate depending upon the type of surface they are intended to clean. 
  • They would change the cleaning solutions after each clean to ensure that they do not transfer the dust and dirt from one place to another instead of cleaning. 
  • The cleaning agents need to be prepared freshly and regularly and they refrain from topping up a disinfecting solution instead of discarding it and preparing a fresh one. Topping up cleaning solutions will also help bacteria to multiply rather than killing them. 
  • When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting office or commercial property toilets, the experts would use sanibins to contain any infection or contamination. 
  • They would never touch the garbage with bare hands 

Steps related to Safety

To stick to the safety-related regulations, the experts would take the following steps: 

  • They would use high quality protective gears 
  • The ladders and other lifting equipment they use are checked repeatedly to evaluate their stability and durability before they are pressed into service. 
  • While conducting cleaning in offices and other commercial or public properties, caution boards are set up. 
  • While cleaning, Adelaide office cleaning experts would use the appropriate type of equipment, while conducting the cleaning. 
  • When it comes to lifting heavy items, they would follow the right procedures, so much so that the weight does not fall on their back. Thus, they would bend from the knees, instead of back. The cleaning personnel are trained to do so and this is one of the little yet significant differences that hiring reputed cleaning services would make. 
  • They would not lift heavy weight and would take the help of either tools or multiple hands while doing so. This will ensure safety and security of not only the personnel but the asset itself. Also, it will make the task faster. These force multipliers help these cleaning companies to finish off the cleaning on time and that also safely. 
  • The cleaning experts in Adelaide would ensure that the agents are stored in adequately labeled bottles, with instructions of use and storing and any words of caution clearly explained on them. 
  • The cleaners would take proper and regular training on how to use the cleaning tools and cleaning agents to ensure best results. 
  • Reputed cleaning services would always carry a first aid kit with them, while conducting all the cleaning.

Therefore you see, when you hire a reputable company to clean your office or a commercial place, these are safety and hygienic steps that the cleaners would follow. We at Adelaide Commercial Cleaning Services would do the same. Call us at 0452209664 for further details.

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