Mould is harmful not only for the carpets in your home but also for your health. These fungi can get into the air, travel to your lungs and can cause plenty of problems. So, if you are in Adelaide and notice mould on your carpet, you should immediately get it cleaned by professional cleaners.

Now, you might be wondering how the cleaners remove the mould from your house carpets. Well, to gain the knowledge, you will need to go through the points that we have included in this discussion.

  • Placing Your Carpet Under the Sun 

Ventilation of your carpets and placing them under the sun helps to disintegrate mould. So, professionals providing residential carpet cleaning services in Adelaide will use fans to blow air in your carpets. However, they will block off the area where your carpet is placed since mould can spread into the air and cause harm to health when breathed in. 

  • Using Brush to Remove Mould 

The professional cleaners will use a stiff brush to remove the visible mould from the surface of the carpets. They will sweep the mould in a plastic bag and dispose of it. But apart from the brush, the professionals might also use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter attached. This is because the mould spores will accumulate in the vacuum cleaner and spread to the other parts of your house when you use the vacuum cleaner again. However, a vacuum cleaner devoid of the HEPA filter might not be able to contain mould spores. 

  • Using Proprietary Cleaning Solutions 

The professionals from the company providing domestic cleaning services in Adelaide apply special solutions on your carpet that contain chemicals to help eliminate mould growth within a short duration. 

The only problem is that organic solutions might not work against mould on your carpets. So, the cleaners have to use solutions that contain the chemicals. 

  • Using an Anti-Fungal Coating 

An anti-fungal coating is what the professionals will spray to get rid of the mould on the surface of the carpet. This is indeed required because if the mould has penetrated deep inside the carpet, it becomes extremely difficult to remove. Also, after the application of the fungal coating, it takes a bit of time for the mould to disintegrate. Nevertheless, it is an effective procedure. 

  • Using Steam Cleaner 

To remove mould, professionals use carpet steam cleaning procedure in Adelaide as it removes the mould from carpet surface totally. It is an affordable procedure but is extremely effective when it comes to making carpets clean. So, this is a procedure that all cleaners use to remove mould, dirt, dust as well as stains. 

  • Using Other Advanced Methods 

Apart from the conventional methods, cleaners use other special methods to remove mould as well. 

These are basically customised cleaning techniques that vary from cleaner to cleaner. Nevertheless, most of these advanced cleaning methods are effective against mould.

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