When it comes to removing blood from carpets, there are several options to follow. In most of the cases, the methods used depend on the age of the stain and of course, on the material that the carpet has been made up of. 

Let us discuss the various ways adopted by domestic carpet cleaning professionals in Adelaide like anywhere else to remove blood stains from carpet. 

Removal by using a solution of detergent and cold water

There are times, when people take delayed action to have blood stains removed from the carpet – much long after the stain has dried out and has created a brown stain. In these cases, the professionals would use a quality dishwashing detergent and mix it with cold water. 

They would take about half teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and mix it with a bucket full of cold water and soak a fresh, clean cloth with the mixture.

Now they would drench the affected spot with this wet cloth properly. 

Next, these professionals offering domestic cleaning services in Adelaide would take an old toothbrush, and gently scrub the affected area. 

They will repeat the action till the spot is entirely gone. This method is pretty safe even if you have dyed carpets as these common dishwashing detergents do not have any bleach. Hence, they are the best and the safest products.  

Removal by using Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Hydrogen Peroxide is another very effective chemical that comes in handy in removal of blood spots, provided you do NOT have dyed or multi coloured carpets. If yes, this method is a strict NO-NO as H2O2 is supposed to act on the dye, damaging the shades. 

The professionals will simply put a few drops of H2O2 on the blood stain and leave it like that. The chemical will start to bubble. Now they will put a paper towel on the area and put something pretty heavy on the towel that will help exert a pressure. They will leave it for about 6 to 10 minute and remove the towel. They will repeat the steps multiple times till the stain is gone. 

Removal by Using Ammonia (NH3)

Blood stains that are months old are best removed by Ammonia, as it is a much stronger agent. The professionals offering domestic carpet cleaning services in Adelaide would opt for a solution of water and ammonia. They will mix warm water and two teaspoons of ammonia in a glass and pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray the stained area. Now, they will blot the area with a clean and dry towel till the stain is completely gone. 

However, this option is not the right one in case of woolen carpet, as the acidity of ammonia will damage the carpet permanently. Also, do not use ammonia when it comes to cleaning a dyed carpet. 

Besides, blood can also be removed using cold water, baking soda as well as salt paste. 

Thus, removal of blood is a pretty tricky business, and hence you need to hire the best domestic carpet cleaner in Adelaide. 

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