Keeping a hotel clean is one of the most important tasks of a hotel administrator. However, accomplishing the task with precision and on time is no easy feat. If you are in Adelaide, you will need to call professional cleaners who will be doing the job. 

But have you ever wondered how the cleaners do the needful with efficiency? Actually, they follow certain procedures and today we will be discussing them here.

  • Starting the Process with the Beds

The professionals carrying out hotel cleaning in Adelaide will start the cleaning process by stripping the beds, followed by the sheets. This helps them to vacuum the bed whereas the dirty bed sheets will be taken care of by the laundry. 

Following vacuuming, the cleaners will spray cleaning solutions and sanitisers to disinfect them.

  • Step by Step Floor Cleaning

The floor of all the rooms will be cleaned by professional cleaners. But they will do this step by step as it saves time and makes the cleaning process convenient.

They will complete cleaning the floor of the smaller rooms first and then move to the larger ones as cleaning them requires more time and attention to detail.

The cleaners vacuum the floor and then mop them using high-end cleaning solutions to remove the stains.

  • Furniture Cleaning

Quite naturally, the professionals carrying out the commercial cleaning services in Adelaide clean the furniture of every room in your hotel.

They do it even before cleaning the floors. But cleaning them quickly requires skills and this is why they are required.

Just like cleaning any other surface, they start the procedure by vacuuming the surface first. Then, they remove the remaining dust from the nooks and crannies using a microfiber cloth since it can reach these areas easily.

  • Cleaning the Windows

To clean the windows quickly, the cleaners apply the same method that they apply for the furniture.

They will first vacuum the window seals, curtains, etc. After that, they use cleaning detergents mixed with water and spray them on the window glass. Then, they rub it off using a microfiber cloth.

This is a very effective window cleaning process and hence, it makes the task of the hotel cleaners in Adelaide really easy.

  • Garage Cleaning

Since the garage is a high-traffic area and is mostly left uncleaned, the cleaning professionals use pressure cleaners to remove the stains from the floor.

They first inspect the garage to determine how much dirt, dust and hard to remove stains have been accumulated and depending on that they adjust the pressure to make your garage floor immaculate.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

Since all the rooms in your hotel have the bathroom attached, the cleaners will not clean them separately. But to quicken the process, they will keep their mop and detergent solution ready when cleaning every room.

They will clean the floor with a mop and the toilets and other accessories there using different brushes.

For cleaning the kitchen, the professionals will use high-quality grease cleaners, especially for the oven and cabinets since they accumulate a lot of stains. After that, they will clean the kitchen floor as usual.

Hire Expert Cleaners to Make Your Hotel Pristine Clean

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