Quality Strip And Seal Services For a Varieties of Flooring

Stripping and sealing assist in maintaining different floor surfaces and makes them sustainable by removing the old sealer and applying multiple layers of sealing coats. Purpose of this coating is to protect the floor against the scratches besides keeping it clean and new.

Hard floor surfaces are extremely durable and require proper maintenance to keep the lustre and resilience intact. Over the time, hard floors loss their polish due to dirt and grime buildup. Moreover, friction arises due to high foot traffic, moving goods or other rough objects, that make floors worn, dull and faded. By appointing our professionals, you will get commercial and residential floor maintenance program forgetting the plan of replacing tiles with new ones.

Why Should You Choose Adelaide Commercial Cleaning Services?

We make sure the fine scratches and dirt build-up will be removed entirely using high-end strip and seal services in Adelaide. So, if you’re looking to prepare your floor before any crucial event, we make sure you find the productivity and practicality at the same time.

When we strip and seal, you will find the changes as mentioned below-

  • The finish after the scraping and sealing will not break over time
  • The floor colour will not discolour
  • You will get a high gloss after buffing
  • Whatever the floor type is, you will have safe footing
  • Minimal scuff marks after the treatment
  • Superior durability.
However, to keep the polished lustre of your floors intact, periodic maintenance is necessary. We, at Adelaide Commercial Cleaning Services, help our clients to maintain the floors. We use industry standard machinery and expertise to give your hard floors a new life.

So, are you ready to take our services? Place a quote now to grab them at the best price.

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